Faedriel – 

In WoW I do a lot of toon hopping and leveling alts. Outside of Wow you can find me playing with my babies (dogs Fox poodle and yorkie mix) My favorite Super Hero is Sailor Moon.


In WoW I am most likely found gearing one of my 12 mains. Outside of WoW I am usually reading and chilling in my hammock. Shooting things with my bow. My favorite super hero is Dr. Who and villain is Deadpool.


In WoW you will most likely will find me at my bank, talking in gchat and asking ichewurface if he wants to tank something for me. When I’m not in WoW I love to swim, but it tends to rain a lot. I love movies and being silly with my kid. My absolutely favorite super hero has to be Thor for villains (I have a lot) my favorite would be Joker.




Grunclaw –

In game you can usually find me farming mats, running mythic +’s or doing world quests. When I’m not in WoW I am usually fishing, softball and fishing oh and fishing. My favorite superhero and villain are Deadpool and Thanos.

What Can You Expect From Me: As the guild raid leader you can expect that when you come to raid for time to be spent killing bosses. With every fight i review all information from that fight whether its logs details or video to find whatever i can in order to fix small things within the group to continue to progress. Im always finding something in order for our guild and team to progress further into the most current tier.

What I Expect From You: Raiding is not for everyone, but if you choose to raid with our team i expect 3 things from every single one of my raiders and 4 things from my officers in raid.
1. Punctual and Prepared – Be on time. Have potions, runes, food and flask in case feast and cauldron are not provided. Have your gear enchanted and gemmed. This also includes being on discord able to listen and hear whatever instructions or answer whatever questions that may be asked.
2. Knowledge – Know your class and what it is capable of. Know your talents and specialization. Not everyone knows everything about every class in the game. But you should know your own class inside and out – capabilities, stat priority, abilities, enchants, gems etc. etc. Know the fights…everyone in the raid group should have watched videos on every fight in Normal and Heroic of the current progression tier and when the first tier is considered “on farm” start researching the next tier and difficulty. Also continually check on all of these things within a smart time-frame. Classes get small tweaks with every patch or update…know whats coming and be ready to adjust.
3. Have thick skin – my focus as raid leader is to progress the guild as far as possible. Sometimes people are having a bad night, or aren’t quite there yet with knowledge and gear. If you are asked to step out of raid dont take it personal. Don’t get pissed and rage quit or guild quit. The best thing you can do to help yourself and the guild is to find an officer or a class lead and talk to them one on one about how we can help improve your character. If you cant get ahold of one of them then get ahold of me as i am always available to answer any questions.

Jahesa – 

In Wow I am doing everything from raiding, dailies, working on new toons or simply sitting back and enjoying the company of the guild which has since become my family. Outside of Warcraft I enjoy reading, walking along the beach, being my kids chauffer, maid, cook, butler, therapist and referee. My favorite super hero? When I was little I truly enjoyed Xena Warrior Princess.

Kalinis – 

I’m probably leveling doing wqs or raiding in game, outside game I read a lot watch a lot of sports and fav super hero is beast of the x-men, fave villain is magneto.


Sent –

If I’m in WoW I am probably improving a character. Outside of WoW you can find me programing mobile/desktop apps/ , tennis/football, playing other video games. My favorite super hero is Spider-Man.

Shambulance –

In Wow I’m most likely farming or just having fun with the guild. Outside of WoW I am a big Pheasant hunter and Bass Fisher. You might also find me at the race track in the summer. Favorite Super hero or villain? Deadpool ofcourse 😛


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