Being in the guild does not guarantee you a progression raider slot. Everyone is welcome to join us on non-progression days.

Raid Days/Times:
Tuesday – Heroic ilvl 935 minimum 850k dps,

Wednesday – Heroic ilvl 945 1million dps,

Thursday – Progression invite only.  

Saturday – Normal Antorus ilvl 925 minimum. 

All days 6:30pm-8:30pm PST

This is Mandatory. You need to be able to hear any vital information put out there that might be too long to explain in raid chat. As soon as you can afford it a cheap headset with a mic (or an expensive one lol) so you can communicate with your fellow guildies. Discord Link is in the ginfo tab in game.

Personal Loot

Raiders are expected to bring appropriate amounts of their applicable potions, elixirs, flasks, buff foods and any other consumable for the raid. Everyone on the raid team chips in with mats etc. to make feasts and cauldrons for everyone, but you need to have your own just incase you are the only one to die.

Before Raiding:
Watch Youtube. There are tons of people who post videos this is only one strategy/one way to do it. If you want a step by step easy to follow look up hazelnuttygames.

Look up the fights on icy-veins, or other websites.

Do LFR. It is the watered down version, but at least you can see with your eyes and get the feel for it before joining us.

Know your class – will have just about everything about your class. Have questions? Ask your fellow raiders. See someone constantly doing amazing on the damage charts? Ask them for tips.

Practice on a Raid Target / Dummy. This will only help you be better. If you have a rotation you can practice until you have it down so you don’t have to think twice what button to click next. Think of muscle memory.

Current Recruitment:

  • Range Dps
  • Dps/tank OS

However, if you are a strong raider and you play a spec/class not listed, we encourage you to inquire to see if we can find a spot for you on the team.


Grunclaw – comegetsome#1733