This week’s D’oh award winner is Wargames for not having one, but TWO D’oh moments this week! What exactly happened? We thought you would never ask……. 

War was in Krokuun and decided since its Noble Garden she would transmog herself into the elegant dress and bunny ears. Seeing a void elf in bunny ears shooting down enemies amused her…. and we all know how easily amused she gets! When she finishes transmogging someone immediately kissed her. She brushed it off as not a big deal and decided to quest. After doing her dailies she tele’d to Dalaran to use the Auction house and was kissed 3 more times. Wargames remembered the conversation she had in gchat the other day about people flirting with girl characters but assumed because she didn’t “sexy mog” was the reason no one flirted, but this was a little too much! After that thought someone in guild chat asked if anyone had the elegant dress. Immediately War told him she did. He said, “Good I need to kiss you!” At that moment she realized that all those kisses she had been getting was for the achievement. D’OH!

Saturday was normal Antorus for the guild for whoever wants to go. Wargames was super excited to get a couple pieces in hopes to go do Heroic and get that violet spellwing the following week. She goes all the way to Kin’garoth and they are waiting to start. She adjusts her new headphones and waits for the pull. All of a sudden she goes from waiting for the pull to see ruiner. ruining her. Talk about a lag spike! She then asks how come no one said they were going to pull in discord and she realizes she cant hear anything. She restarts wow and discord. Still no sound. Restarts discord again. Nothing. She looks frantically at the plugs and when her husband calls tells him about the situation. He comes home they update her drivers and still nothing. He asks her if there is an on/off switch on the headset she proceeds to tell him she’s not an idiot there is no on/off button except for the mic. She puts back on her headphones and goes to adjust them when her left thumb touches what feels like a scroll wheel at the bottom of the ear piece. She moves her thumb up and immediately begins to hear sound. She takes it off and there it is. At the bottom of the headphones is a volume wheel that she swears was hidden. D’OH!

Did you have a D’oh moment this week? Let us know and you might be chosen for next week’s award!

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