About Us



The Dark Coven was founded by a few online friends who wanted some place to call their own. Faedriel, Ichewurface, Warchix and Odette all came from a little game called Runescape. Don’t judge! (haha) Warchix and Ichewurface started playing in wrath and convinced their friends that World of Warcraft was definitely better and hurry up and come join us on the dark side.

Established in 2009, we now have 980+ members all active within the last 30 days. Our community is made up of mostly Adults 18+ with the majority of us having kids of our own. We have a strong focus on building friendships and continuing to ensure this is a non-toxic environment for all our members.


Testimonials From Members:

Honiee “I like the people here. I came back after almost a year and people remembered me and were happy to see me! And I was happy to see them”

Dreamy ” I’ve been playing a long time. This is by far the best guild I have been in. Every member is nice and helpful. The GM’s are great and this is one of the first guilds I’ve been in without a ton of baby mama drama”

Asmira “I love the banter and the comradery I see in guild. I love seeing people helping each other out, especially without judgement!”

Firragol “I like the fact that you can login at different times, and guildies will do something together. People help one another, and have fun doing it. “

Evros “I dig a IRL secret santa idea amongst us and I hope to be more active part of the guild adventures that already take place”

Ladihawke “Love in game activities such as raids, trivia, For The Alliance, etc. Love that guildies are helpful without being downgrading, and that anyone can be welcomed and comfortable here”

Soxfanjunee “I love the trivia nights. All of you make this a fun time in WoW. I love that we have a lot of players on at the same time who try to help and group up. “

Kalinis “I like the comradery in guild. I also love raiding with the guild. The joking around in guild chat and the people I’ve met”

Medivsrage “TDC is family. All the guild members are amazing. We have fun and mess around enjoying each other’s jokes. The guild means a lot more to me. I just logon and see who’s there.”